Nothing Weekend Ahead

November 13, 2009

Do you ever have those weekends where absolutely nothing is planned? Rarely does our family not have at least something planned, but this is one of those weekends. Well, with the exception of a little Christmas/birthday shopping. Other than that, nothing at all planned. Our beloved Horns play Saturday morning against Baylor. We will be watching like always. We’ve been throwing around the idea of taking Bella to the Austin Children’s Museum Saturday afternoon. Maybe taking Bella to meet Baby Ally sometime during the weekend, but nothing is set in stone. Honestly, I don’t know if I am excited about this turn of events or not. I am not a home body. I like being out in the world, walking, talking, anything but sitting in the house all day. Bella definitely likes to be out and about. Eric not so much. He could sit all day in front of the TV and watch college football. Then sit all Sunday and watch NFL. Not my idea of a fun weekend.

So, with that in mind, what are some fun things for a family of 3 to do on a beautiful (at least I hope it will be beautiful outside) day?

On the shopping front, I did purchase a pair of New Balance running shoes for Bella. They will be neatly wrapped under the tree on Christmas day. I also found an adorable shirt to get her to wear at her birthday party! It’s has a big 3 stitched into it, and will have her name going across it. So adorable!! She is having her big birthday party in Arlington this year at Pump It Up, so a cute dress is out of the question. Yes, I am already planning her birthday party with over 8 weeks before it happens. That’s just how I am…

Last night Bella was in such a good mood! We all went to Taco C to get some fajitas and she kept singing the whole way. Once we got home, ate, and got ready for bed, she laid with Daddy until she fell asleep. Easy quiet evening!

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