Thankful Update & Christmas Spirit

November 9, 2009

First off, Bella went to the doctor this morning, and I am happy to note that she just has a normal cold. She's not contagious, and is going to be just fine! Thank God! I was getting very worried with the ongoing fever all weekend, but he said it is normal due to the stuffy nose and coughing. So all is going to go back to normal starting tomorrow morning!
I have picked out our annual Christmas cards for 2009. I always buy photo cards for Christmas so family and friends can see all 3 of us and especially Bella. I keep every card we send, so I can show her one day what we all looked like while she was growing up. They are adorable cards, and I can't wait to order and send them! Look in your mailbox around the beginning of December! :)
Last thing, yesterday Eric's parents came over and helped us put Bella's new big girl bed together! She now has a full size bed in her room. Thank goodness she has a big room! We had originally bought a crib that changes into a bed, so she has a beautiful headboard that matches all the rest of her furniture. We also bought her Disney Princess bedding, that she picked out. I was so glad she picked that because the rest of her room is Disney Princess already! She just loves Cinderella & Belle. (Hmm... wonder why she would like Belle! haha)
Happy Monday!!

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