Thanksgiving, Birthday, & New Moon All in One!

November 23, 2009

This weekend was a lot of fun and jammed packed. Friday night it was pouring rain and very cold, so Eric went to get dinner while Bella & I stayed cuddled together by the fireplace. At least I got her to cuddle for a minute or two before she was off playing again. It was a pretty low key quiet night in the Munoz Household.

Saturday, Eric had to work all morning, so Bella & I went to Target and got some Christmas decorations. Bella was so excited to see the Christmas trees and lights at the store. The only thing she wanted to see was bikes, which makes me think that us getting her her 1st bike for her 3rd birthday is a smart idea! Afterwards, we went to Hobby Lobby and found nothing. Bella was getting sleepy, so we came back home. Once we got in, she got her 2nd wind and would not take a nap at all. Eric got home and we went grocery shopping which Bella did great at! Saturday night, we stayed home, cooked dinner, and watched our Horns win the 11th game of the season & Colt McCoy become the NCAA most winningist quarterback of ALL TIME!!! Hook 'Em!! So excited for them all!!

Sunday, we went to church and realized that Bella is not good going to church at all anywhere. She wouldn't go into the daycare with the other kids, she wouldn't stay in service with us, etc. We have decided to wait a while to try again. I hate not going to church on a regular basis, but we had to leave 1/2 way through the service which I disliked even more.
Afterwards, we went to Eric's family's house and celebrated Sandra's birthday & Thanksgiving all in one. Dinner was delicious and after we went to the sport court to let Bella play with her Dora bike. Such a great day!

We ended the weekend by going to see New Moon last night. Okay, I am a Twilight Fan and have been for 2 years now. The 1st movie was terrible, and I was severely disappointed! New Moon was MUCH better. It was still slow, but watching Jacob the whole time, made it much better! :)

This week, Eric & I are working until Wednesday, and then heading to DFW to celebrate Thanksgiving with my WHOLE family! My Abuela & Uncle Ray are in town for it, and after talking to my Dad Sunday morning, I can't be more excited!! C'Mon Wednesday, hurry up!!
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