Thanksgiving Weekend Review

November 30, 2009


The past week or so has gone by quickly, and I will try to remember almost everything from Thanksgiving weekend.
First I have BIG news! Bella was moved up to the 3’s class!! She doesn’t even turn 3 for 2 more months, and there are a ton of kids in her class that are months older than her. The school felt she was ready to move up! They think she speaks so clearly and remembers everything, and that she will do great with the 3 year olds!! Eric & I are such proud parents!!
So, on Wednesday night we left Austin and headed to Irving. We decided to stay with my sister because my Abuela & Uncle are in town and staying at my Dad’s. The ride was not fun at all! Bella was an angel the whole time, but the traffic was horrendous! We pretty much drove on the frontage road the whole time. The 2 ½ hour drive there turned into 4 hours! We finally got to Tanya’s around 10:30 p.m.
Thanksgiving Day went well. Dad had about 12 people over (all family in some way) and had a huge Thanksgiving dinner that had plenty of leftovers! My Dad always fries the turkey, and it’s so delicious!! We had such a great time, and Bella got to meet her great Grandma & Great Uncle Ray. She was a pretty good girl most of the time! My sister and I ended up going to Old Navy before lunch, and it was crazy!! We stood in line for over an hour to check out. Never again! Haha! Thursday night we watched our Beloved Longhorns beat the crud out of A&M!! It was a close game, but Colt looked awesome and did such a great job!! Now it's onto the Big 12 Championship this Saturday against the Nebraska Cornhuskers... Wish we could go to Dallas to watch it, but we will be celebrating at Pluckers watching them win the 13th game this year and going to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! (Which I called that wayyy back in August! Hook 'Em)
Friday & Saturday went about the same. We stayed all day at Dad’s spending time with all of our family. Bella was good, and my Abuela kept saying how smart and beautiful she is! I couldn’t agree more! J
Saturday night, my sister and I went shopping again. I showed her the awesomeness of expensive jeans! She loves Rock & Republic, and now she wants to get a pair. It’s a sickness I tell you!
Sunday morning we woke up bright & early and went to have breakfast at my Dad’s. Wanted to say goodbye to my family one last time. Traffic home was normal, thank God! We were able to come home, grocery shop, and put up all of our indoor Christmas decorations! It is cold and wet outside, so once it dries out, Eric will put the lights up in front of our house. Can’t wait!
Hope every had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

BTW, I didn't take pictures barely at all for some reason. I did however take some of Bella with my Abuela I will post tonight!
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