A Trip to the Children's Museum

November 15, 2009

On Saturday, after the huge beating the Horns put on Baylor, we decided to go to the Austin Children's Museum. It's in downtown Austin, and we had never taken Bella before so we decided it would be something different to do. She loved it! We actually had to pick her up and carry her out when it was time to go. She played on and with everything she could. It was extremely packed and we didn't realize they have birthday parties there, so there were tons of big kids running everywhere! Afterwards, we all went to dinner and Bella ended up falling asleep on the car ride home. I ended up falling asleep pretty early myself. All in all, a wonderful family day!

The entrance to the museum

She loved touching all the buttons!

Daddy decided to try for himself!

This was her favorite thing to do. It had air coming out of the hose. She loved it! We kept going back to it throughout the day.

What's over there?

Bella made a friend named Colton. He just turned 2.

The infamous pink flamingo's in SW Austin!

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