Wishing it Was Friday!

November 12, 2009

Just because I want to stay home all day with my family, and not sit here at my desk typing away...

Anyway, last night was good. After dinner, I headed over to Melissa's house and spent a few hours with her, Michael, and especially Baby Ally! She is such a good baby! She only cried once because she was hungry, so I got to bottle feed her and then change her. Afterwards, she slept the rest of the time in my arms, which brought back so many great memories of Bella when she was a newborn. I love the smell of a newborn baby!

Afterwards, I came home and spent a little time with my hubby. He wasn't feeling too good for some reason, so we just relaxed and watched tv. Bella was asleep already, so I just gave her a quick kiss and let her sleep.

This morning was not so great. Bella woke up in a bad mood and did not want Mommy at all. Then she cried saying she wanted to go to another school. She got over that until we pulled up to her school and she started crying about not wanting to go. I was there for almost 15 minutes trying to help her calm down. It didn't work. I finally let her teacher hold her and left while she screamed the entire time. I feel so bad when she does this. It's the 1st time since she started at the new school that she cried. Usually she is happy and ready to go. Hopefully, when I pick her up this afternoon, she will be in a better mood.

UPDATE on Bella:
Eric just called her school to check in, and they said she is doing great. She cried for about 10 minutes after I left but one of her teachers came in, and she was fine. She was running around playing when they checked in on her. Thank goodness!

Happy Thursday, only one more day to go!
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