Bella's Singing Debut

December 11, 2009

My little Angel did so awesome last night at her 1st recital! We met at Eric’s parents’ house for dinner & to get Bella all set and ready to go. Bella was so excited she was singing her songs in the car and for her Grandparents, and she couldn’t stay still! I seemed to be just as excited as she was. Eric’s parents & sister came to watch her sing as well. We were so proud!
We got to her school and it was crowded to say the least. Both of her teachers were in her class. They had her best artwork at her desk for all of us to see. When we got to her class, she started acting very shy, but we think it was because she thought we were dropping her off like we do in the mornings. Once she realized we were all staying, she started settling down a bit and showing us her classroom. She had made the cutest artwork, and all 5 of us were so impressed.
After 15 minutes or so, they got both classes lined up and they got to sing to us! You should have seen the huge group of Dad’s (Eric & his Dad included!) with their camcorders on! All the Mom’s (Grandma’s & Auntie’s included!) with our cameras flashing like crazy! It was so much fun! Bella at first wasn’t singing, but after a minute or two, she started and she sounded just precious!
After they sang, we all went to the “50’s Diner” to have brownies & juice. Since Bella did so well, we promised to buy her a new book to take home. They were having a book fair at the front of the daycare, so she picked a Dora the Explorer book & a cute pen. She was just so happy and excited the whole time!
Afterwards, we got Eric’s car and headed home. She was out like a light within minutes of going to bed.
Eric, Bella, & I want to say thank you to Grandma, Grandpa, & Aunt Sandra for coming to watch our little Angel sing. We were so glad you could come and enjoy the season with us! We love you all so much!
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