Back to the Drawing Board

December 3, 2009

Tuesday night I got home and knew there was something waiting at our front door for me. I’ve been tracking them all week since they got shipped, and they were finally here… our family Christmas cards! I was so excited, until I opened them. They looked terrible. The clarity of the picture was horrible, too dark, and they were printed on cardboard paper! Not the pretty picture paper they always have been in the past years, cardboard!! I was so crushed! Eric came home and when he saw them he said it looked like something we could have made at home. And we’re not artsy at all… disappointing.
So Wednesday at lunch I promptly went to the post office and had them returned. I had called the Shutterfly customer service Tuesday night and was assured I would get a full refund including shipping costs. We shall see. I made sure to get a confirmation from the USPS so when they get delivered, I will know.
Now it’s back to the drawing board. Eric & I decided to go Sunday and take some Christmasy pictures at the Arboretum, like last year. Hopefully, Bella will be in a good enough mood to smile for the camera just once!
Tomorrow the weathermen are calling for snow! We haven’t had snow in Austin in years! I am so excited! Will be taking pictures!
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