Health Update

December 15, 2009

Update on Daddy & Bella’s health:
Both are a –okay, and just have head colds! Thank God it’s nothing serious! Dr. B did say we need to get her a good humidifier in her bedroom to help with allergies and colds. We bought one when she was young, but it broke early on, and we didn’t think about them again, so tonight we are going to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get her a good humidifier. Dr. Z (our doctor) told Eric it seems he has a slight case of asthma. Nothing too serious, but he can hear it in his lungs. Overall, they are both fine, just having to change a few things up a bit until they get better.

Last night was not good! I picked Bella up from Grandma’s, and on the way home, saw there was a serious accident on 183. I decided to take the back roads home thinking I was being smart. I was proven wrong, because everyone decided to go the same way. We ended up getting home about 45 minutes later than normal. Eric got off work 20 minutes late, so we decided cooking was not an option. We would have had to eat dinner around 8 p.m. & Bella was already asleep on the car ride home. Needless to say, Eric picked up some dinner, and we ate and got bathed and in bed pretty early.
Tonight hopefully will be better, and we can get in and out of BB&B as quickly as humanly possible!

BTW, only 10 days until Christmas!
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