Christmas Post #1

December 29, 2009

I was planning on posting tons of pictures on here last night, and then we ended up having dinner with some friends at the Salt Lick and having them come back to our house to watch the Monday Night Football game. Needless to say, I didn't even get to upload them to my computer last night. That will be done tonight though and posted asap.

Here's how our Christmas was in a nutshell... Enjoy!

Christmas was wonderful! Christmas Eve went great. We woke up and finished cleaning the house before Eric's parents and sister came over. Bella was in a great mood all day! We started by cooking tons of food (thank you to my mother in law for helping me cook everything!). After we were done, we all sat together and watched Ghost Adventures. Not something we normally watch, but there wasn't too much on tv and it was actually pretty interesting! Afterwards, Sandra went back home to get all the presents and wait for Mark to get off work. We got dressed and went to the 6 p.m. church service. It was freezing cold here (with no snow!) so we bundled up and left early for service. When we got there they were doing a practice run, so we sat there and got to see the behind the scenes at Shoreline. Eric & I really feel that this is our church home. We've never felt so happy to go to church as we did that night. Bella looked adorable in her red velvet dress and tights. She did really well for the 1st half of the service and then we had to leave before the meltdown started. The nice thing was we got to watch the service beforehand, so we didn't miss too much. The one thing that really made us feel the Christmas Spirit and meaning of Christmas was when we saw a man in his dress blues (Marine) come in and his mom was sitting right in front of us. He surprised her at church by coming home from Afghanistan! She had no idea he was home, and she cried so much once she saw him! The lady sitting beside me and I started crying right along with her. It was a Christmas miracle right in front of us!

Once service was over, we went back to our house. Mom had been keeping all the food warm, so when we got back, Sandra & Mark came over and we had a wonderful dinner. Bella ate all her meal and loved it! She was so excited to open presents, so we let her open all of them from us, Aunt Sandra & Uncle Mark, Grandma, & Grandpa. She got a chalk board, a baby doll with a stroller, clothes, shoes, a barbie, a princess castle, etc. She just loved it! She was able to play with her dolls and chalk board and then we could tell she was getting sleepy, so we put cookies & milk out for Santa and she went to bed. Afterwards, we played Wii bowling & table tennis in teams, and Eric & I lost all 4 games. We played Guesstures and finally won! Eric's parents have prizes for whichever team wins, so we won tons of necessities and extras! It was tons of fun! We ended the night by opening our gifts. Eric got me a beautiful white coat that I love! Eric's parents got us a steam machine for our carpets, a new bedding set for our room, and tons of clothes and gift cards! I got Eric a Wii, and then his parents got him Beatles Rockband for Wii. Sandra & Mark got him Madden 2010 for Wii so Eric has plenty of games to play. We ended up getting me the Wii Fit to work out with. I love it!

Christmas morning we woke up at 6 a.m. and woke Bella up. She slept in our room that night because she was so excited for Santa to come, and we were worried she would wake up in the middle of the night. She slept right through and we had to wake her up! She went downstairs and her eyes lit up! She got a Radio Flyer wagon, barbies, a doll with a stroller (again!), a princess castle (again!), and tons of clothes and shoes from Santa. She was overjoyed! We got everything packed into the car and headed to Grand Prairie to celebrate with my family. Everything was great and we were making good time until we hit Alvarado. That's where the ice started. There were accidents up and down 35 & I-20. We drove extremely slow and made it to Dad's safely. Brent was already there, so we all hung out and had breakfast. Tanya & Austyn couldn't get here because of the roads, so we ended up opening presents around noon. Bella got dress up clothes, a nightie, clothes, and a few more toys! She was just so excited for all her new presents! Afterwards we watched a movie called "Nothing Like the Holidays" which is about a Puerto Rican family, and it was too funny! It totally reminded us of our family! We ended the day by having Christmas dinner and relaxing on the couch. It was such a great holiday! Bella really got to enjoy it this year. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Pictures to come!

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