Rollercoaster of a Night

December 17, 2009

Last night, Eric's mom watched Bella because one of my friends, Cheryl, came in from Dallas. We had all decided to meet at Kona Grill for happy hour. When we got there the place was packed, so we went inside and just had a regular dinner. Eric came along with me, because we had a few errands to run afterwards. We had so much fun with all the girls catching up, having some wine, and eating some sushi! It was just great to see everyone again!

Afterwards, we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get Bella's humidifier. Stupid me forgot to bring the 20% off coupon, so we headed back home to get it. I couldn't find the coupon anywhere, so we ended up going back out to the BB&B by our house. They didn't have any of the humidifiers like the 1st place had. We ended up deciding to wait until this weekend when we're not rushing to get her one. Problem solved... until we got to Best Buy! The plug on our laptop is not working and so our laptop is not charging or holding a charge at all. We went to BB to get one, and found out the stupid plug is $100!! What?! Our computer is on it's last leg as it is, and investing that much for a few months use doesn't seem very smart. So we started looking at laptops, only to decide we need to do more research before buying anything. We ended up at home with nothing purchased, and extremely irritated at how the night ended up... I pray Thursday goes better...
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