Welcome December

December 1, 2009

Welcome December! You are one of my favorite months, and you came in with a blast of cold air! The weather here lately (since Sunday at least) has been cold and miserable. Each time I take Bella or pick her up, I have to run to get her into/out of the car. I am worried that she is going to catch a cold or worse from being wet & cold. Hopefully, we can bypass another cold for a while!
I know I only usually put the good things Bella does on here, but lately she has gotten into biting. She so far has not bit any children in her class, just her Momma. She got into trouble Friday at my Dad’s and when I was turned around, bit me in my behind!! I don’t mean just a playful bite, I mean I could feel it with my jeans on. I was so furious. She got in quite a bit of trouble, and cried for a while. Afterwards, I held her in my arms while we talked about why it’s not good to bite people. I thought she understood and went on her merry way. That night, she did something I asked her not to do, and when I told her no, she tried to bite my knee. I moved before she could get me this time, but I was again furious with her. I don’t know where she gets the biting from. She’s not been bit at school since she was 1! I can only hope this phase passes quickly, because if not both her and I will end up with red marks… And I don’t usually touch my child to hit or spank her, but I will not let her get away with biting anyone!
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