What a Crazy & Wonderful Night!

December 22, 2009

Last night was a crazy, wonderful night! We met Melissa, Michael, & Baby Alex at Jardin Corona’s for dinner. They have wonderful Mexican food there and it’s somewhere we know Bella can dance in the isles if she so desires, and not get bad looks from other diners in the restaurant. So we got there and it was packed! Barely found a parking spot let alone a table. We all squished into a booth, which was good because it keeps Bella between me & Eric during dinner. Bella did great. She was shy to Melissa and Michael, but she talked to them and we exchanged gifts for the kids. Bella got an adorable purple outfit and a Dora book. Bella loves Dora, so she was very happy. We got Alex a Christmas outfit and some cute shoes to wear when she gets a little bigger. Dinner went great catching up with them and getting to see Alex again. Who, by the way, is absolutely adorable!! Here’s the kicker… when we were finished with dinner, our server comes over and tells us that the lady that was sitting in the booth next to ours PAID for all of our meal!! What?! She was so sweet! Melissa, Bella, & I ran her down and told her thank you so much! She said she has 9 grandkids and ours reminded her of them. How absolutely sweet is that?! We were shocked and so thankful! After we were completely done, Bella was standing in the isle waiting and an older man came over and asked if her could give her a dollar because she was just so beautiful and such a good girl during dinner?!?! We of course said it was fine and Bella promptly said thank you. We again were shocked and thankful. Before he walked away he told her she was special and not to change! How adorable!! We have to say, the Lord works in mysterious ways! When we got into the car, Eric & I were talking about it. Eric’s been having a slow time at work lately, and is losing cars off his lot because of it. That in turn means less money he makes. Not good at this time of the year. Eric said he’s been feeling a little down because of it, but after last night, he is definitely keeping a positive attitude! Thank you Lord for showing us that there are great people in this world especially around Christmas!

Today is my last day at work until next Monday, so this will be my absolute last post before Christmas. I pray each and every one of you who reads this has a blessed Christmas! May you spend time with loved ones and realize the true meaning of this holiday.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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