Jan. 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

I decided to start trying to blog more in the evenings then the next morning. Let's see how it plays out!

Today was a pretty normal day. The best thing was that Bella was in her undies all day and did not have 1 accident!! ALL DAY PEOPLE! Eric & I are so proud! She was proud and excited about it too. Maybe because when she goes potty at home, she gets gummies and a Disney Princess sticker to put on the fridge. Let's hope she keeps this up. The doctor keeps telling me that girls usually get potty trained around 3 or so, and we're 2 weeks away from turning 3 years old, so I am getting ancy!

I am currently watching the season premiere of American Idol. They are in Boston tonight, and I just love listening to the contestants talk. We get made fun of so much in Texas for our accents, but the Boston accent is greatness! Growing up my mom's best friend, and my 2nd Mom, Carol, is from Boston and I just loved listening to her talk! Anyway, I have heard only about 3 good singers so far tonight... let's hope Dallas shows up and does better.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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