Jan 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

This weekend was so much fun. We started by having Friday off. Eric & I got all the decorations for Bella's Austin party. It will be a Tinkerbell themed party this year. We also ordered her cake for here. Afterwards, we went to Nordstrom's and I bought a pair of cute Joe Jeans. I've never worn them before, but they fit like a glove and was the softest jeans I'd ever put on! I had to leave them there to get the hem taken up, so it felt like I spent my gift cards for nothing... until this coming weekend when I pick them up! We had lunch at Chuy's and found out it was Elvis' birthday! They were celebrating it, and we got Twinkies as dessert in honor of Elvis. I haven't had a twinkie since I was around 10, and I remembered why!! It was not the best tasting dessert ever. After lunch we picked Bella up from daycare and came home to relax for a bit. We ended the night in true Friday night fashion at Rudy's.

Saturday, we went grocery shopping, and ran a few errands. Eric had to work until noon, so Bella and I did a little shopping and I found some cute brown boots at Target that I just had to have. When Eric got home, we grabbed a bite to eat before I had to leave to get my hair done. Lauren, my hair stylist is going on maternity leave in a few days, so my next appt. isn't for 9 weeks. That's about twice as long as usual for my highlights, so we shall see how I'll be looking around the end of February! Haha. After I got back, we took Bella to Grandma's and went for sushi. Bella was so excited to see them, and she did really well the whole night!

Saturday night we had some friends over to watch the Cowboy's game and play Beatles Rockband. We had so much fun with everyone!! It's the 1st party we had at our new house, so I showed everyone around, and we all just played Rockband and different games on Wii. It really was tons of fun and nice because we didn't have to drive home afterwards!

Today we're having family day. We did a little shopping, took the dogs to the vet, and had a little lunch. Bella was an angel everywhere we went, so we ended up at Jamba Juice to give her a little healthy treat for being such a good girl! She loved it! Now, it's just relaxing watching more football and having some popcorn until bed time! Happy Sunday!!

Here's some pictures from the weekend! Enjoy!

Mommy & Bella the morning of the National Championship

Everyone playing Beatles Rockband

Jessika, me, & Sonia... love these ladies!

Kinda blurry, but still cute! Sandra, Sonia, & Me
We always have to take a picture when we get together!

All the girls at our party! These are some of the best girls I have ever met! Love them all!!

In order... Sonia, Jessika, me, Sandra, & Vicky laying on all of us!

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