Jan. 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

Tonight, Eric & I are starting to plan our annual family vacation. We've decided to go to Santa Fe & Albuquerque, New Mexico in May. We didn't get to go on one this past year because we bought the house and car over the summer. We've decided to drive to Santa Fe, because we feel Bella is still too young to go on a plane with so many people and different germs/bacteria in a confined space. We're taking a full week off, so we plan on leaving Saturday morning, and stopping somewhere around Amarillo for a night's stay. Then we'll head to Santa Fe for 2 days of shopping and sight seeing. Afterwards, we're driving to Albuquerque for 2 days before heading home. Neither of us have been to New Mexico before, so we're pretty excited! I remember when Eric graduated from college, he was offered a job in Albuquerque, and I immediately started looking for an apartment. I remember seeing pictures and thinking it was such a beautiful town. I am looking forward to seeing that in real life and letting Bella see the mountains for the 1st time. We are both so excited for our upcoming trip!

My next order of business has nothing to do with my family (I know it's shocking for me not to talk about the 3 of us for part of a post!) The Bachelor... OMG I was surprised at what happened tonight. I am watching this one because Jake is from Dallas and is super cute! I can't believe Roslyn had an affair with one of the producers! I heard rumors about this, but to watch it play out and to see her not have any type of expression when Chris kicked her off of the show was insane. Jake looked crushed, and that was horrible to watch. Is anyone else watching this and if so, what did you think?

Okay one last thing and of course it has something to do with Bella... I got her & I tickets to see the Shrine Circus this Saturday in Cedar Park! She is overly excited to see the elephants and tigers! Eric & his Dad are going to the Longhorn basketball game (Bella's Christmas gift to her Daddy), so I thought it would be fun to have Mommy & Bella time. I will be taking tons of pictures while we're there. I think I am as excited as Bella to go!

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