Jan. 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

This has been one of the longest weeks I’ve had lately. I’ve been fighting the horrible cedar fever going on here in Austin, we’ve gone from being in the teens to being in the 60’s weather wise, (they are saying 70’s next week!) and just thinking how slow these last few days have gone by. It’s finally Friday and for that, I am thankful!
We’re so looking forward to this weekend. Eric & his Dad are going to watch the #1 Basketball Team in the Country (TEXAS LONGHORNS!!) play against Texas A&M tomorrow evening, while Bella & I go to see the Shrine Circus! Bella’s been talking about it all week asking when we’re going to go. She can’t wait to see the lions and tigers. Also she wants to see the elephants and clowns! I will be taking my camera and hopefully can get some cute pictures of her during the circus. I am praying she can get a good nap in before we have to leave. Eric’s working until noon, then we have to run to Nordstrom's to pick up my new jeans. Then it’s home to take a good nap before the circus comes to town! Eric & I plan on having a nice quiet night once we all get home Saturday night. I have a feeling she’ll be exhausted by the end of it anyway!

Sunday, Eric’s working all day again. Bella & I are going to take it easy until Daddy gets home, then heading to buy some new sheets for our bed, and finishing at Party City to get goodie bags for the kids that come to her party next weekend, and for the kiddos in her class. I will be bringing cupcakes & goodie bags on her birthday to her school. There are 2 classes that are separated by a glass wall, so I feel the need to bring both classes cupcakes and goodie bags, so they don’t feel left out. That means around 20 kids! Crazy huh?! That’s okay, as long as Bella’s excited, then that’s all that matters!

So here’s to hoping everyone has a great, fun, & safe weekend! Next 2 weeks are going to be crazy with Bella’s birthday parties, so blogging might not happen as often! I promise tons & tons of pictures will be getting posted asap! Can’t wait!!

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