Jan. 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

This is the beginning of Bella’s birthday celebration week(s)! I have a good head count of the number of parents & kiddos coming to her birthday party #1 this weekend. More than I expected which is just awesome! We are so excited and glad she’s going to have friends there to celebrate with that are her age. I have already packed her birthday outfit and matching bow for the occasion, talked to my Dad about this coming weekend and us coming up there, and wrapped all her gifts. Mommy is ready to party! (You know, party as in jump in bouncy houses and help her open presents…)
Today was my first day back to work since I had yesterday off for MLK Day, and I have off this coming Friday as well. I love 3 day work weeks! We took off Friday to head to Dallas early. That way Eric can put her new bike together and I can get all the snacks and drinks on Friday instead of running around like a mad woman Saturday morning.
Tonight, we are relaxing together with leftovers from last night’s wonderful dinner, and watching American Idol & Biggest Looser. Bella loves both shows! We had to reschedule girl’s sushi night due to me having to finish packing and all, so it should happen sometime next month. I am a little saddened not to get to spend a night out with my best girls, but next month works out better because I won’t be rushed to get home and finish packing all night. I have the sweetest friends that completely understood. Thank goodness for them!!
My last note for today is the biggest, most exciting thing that’s happened in forever in our house… Bella is officially sleeping by herself, in her big girl bed, ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Might not seem like a big deal, but after we went on our cruise last March she was so scared we wouldn’t be there when she woke up, she started sleeping with us every night. Then we got to where Daddy would sleep with her in her bed most of the night. Now we are finally back to normal!! Thank you God! I actually know what it means to get a full night’s sleep again! Hallelujah!!!

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