Jan. 24, 2010 (Birthday Party #1)

January 24, 2010

Warning: Tons & Tons of pictures ahead!!

This weekend was so much fun! Bella's birthday party went off without a hitch, her & her friends had a blast, and she got tons of great gifts! First off, we want to say thank you to everyone for coming out on a rainy day and helping to make Bella's 3rd birthday so special!
Pump It Up was great and they did everything for me, so I got to play with Bella & socialize with everyone that came! It was truly a great party! Now I get to start writing the thank you's this week! Here are some of the 11o pictures I took over the past few days! Enjoy!

The Birthday Girl!

Bella & her Papa before leaving for her party

Bella's 1st time going down the big slide!

Bella going down another slide

Daddy's turn!

Austyn going down the slide!

Bella loved this slide! Look at Sara's face!

Sara with Liana, Bella, & Skyler

The kids ready to go to room #2!

Bella, Daddy, & Austyn playing in the bouncy basketball house!

Bella & Liana playing basketball!

Going down another slide

Everyone on the obstacle course

Bella's birthday cupcake cake... Tinkerbell of course!

Bella eating ice cream on her throne!

Miss Liana

Miss Skyler

Miss Kaylee

And Mr. Austyn!

Relaxing before presents
Riding her new Princess Bike!

Showing Liana her bike

Mommy putting on Bella's princess shoes

The Munoz Family

Mommy & Daddy

Bella sporting her new helmet for her bike!

Going for her 1st ride!

And we're off!!

Now it's time to get ready for this Saturday's party at our house. Tuesday is her actual birthday, and I will be bringing goodie bags & cupcakes to her classroom after they wake up from nap. Busy week ahead!!

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