Jan. 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

Can I 1st mention that the Texas Longhorns will be playing (for the 2nd time in 5 years), the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME in less than 2 days?!  That's so awesome!!! Eric, Bella, & I will be decked out in burnt orange all day Thursday!!!

For game night, Eric & I will be going to Travis' house for a viewing party.  I probably won't know many people there, but he's one of Eric's best friends, so it won't be a problem.  We plan on getting Bella's decorations and ordering her cake for her Austin party on Friday.  The one good thing is we get to sleep in and not worry about waking up Friday morning at 6 a.m.!  I can't wait!

Yesterday was not the best day for me at work.  It was hectic and just not happy people I had to deal with.  Because of that, Eric brought dinner home for us!  (I know, he's a sweetheart!) Bella decided to paint & play with Daddy all night, so I got to watch the Biggest Loser and do a little workout of my own during it.  Afterwards, Eric put Bella to bed, and I got to relax.  Thank you God for letting me have an hour of relaxation!  It was desperately needed.

Today is the day before the freeze comes! I am not looking forward to stepping outside tomorrow and Friday! Here's some pictures of us with Zach & Audrey over the weekend! Thanks Audrey for taking them!

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