Jan. 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

Sadness rules the Munoz household today. We watched in sorrow as our beloved Horns lost a good fight to Bama. We thoroughly believe that if Colt hadn't gotten hurt on the 5th play of the game, we would have beaten the crud out of the Crimson Tide. But that didn't happen, and now we're sad our Horns came in 2nd. I do have to say that our backup has a good future ahead of him! We should be a good team again next year!

Today, Eric & I are having a day to ourselves. Bella's at school, so we're going to order her Austin party birthday cake, go for sushi, maybe catch a movie, do a little shopping, etc. Then, we'll drop by Rudy's to grab dinner on our way to get Bella. Or we may go to Chris' Rudy's and eat there since it's his last week there... never know! :)

This weekend, we're having people over to watch the Cowboy's game and play Beatles Rockband. It's going to be fun, and most haven't been to our new house yet, so it'll be nice to show everyone around! I hope it warms up by then. We're in the mid-20's right now with a windchill in the low teens! Brrr!!! Happy Friday y'all!

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