Feb. 10, 2010

February 10, 2010

Few things, and then onto Bella... First, it's been sleeting since 12:30 p.m. here! We've had snow mixed with sleet, rain mixed with sleet, and just plain old sleet... but sleeting none the less. We're praying for the roads to be okay tomorrow or else I will be staying home with Bella until they clear! Second, is it really only Wednesday?! It sure feels like a Thursday, which ultimately makes this week seem much longer.
Now onto the matter at hand, my beloved Bella! We just got back from meeting with her specialist, Dr. Easley or as we like to call him, Dr. E. He was fantastic!! He made Bella laugh at least a dozen or so times, and made her feel comfortable even when he had to check her. We found out that her problem is actually pretty common, and nothing to get too alarmed over. She just thinks that having a bowel movement is painful, so she tries to keep it all in instead of pushing it out. To combat this, we have been giving her Miralax, but just not enough. So she is now on it twice daily which should help to soften everything and get her mind used to thinking that it's not painful. Let's pray this works! We will be going back to see Dr. E next month to see how she is progressing. We are so thankful it's nothing serious and medicine should help. He also said that changing what she eats won't help at all and to keep her on a healthy diet, but let her eat what she wants... aka BANANAS!! He said she would be fine having one and not to worry. Thank you God that she is okay! We kept thinking that he was going to take blood or suggest some type of surgery, but he said that she is just fine. Whew!!
This weekend Bella is going with Grandma & Grandpa to Port Lavaca to see Abuelitas & Abuelitos and all Eric's side of the family. His parents want to show her off and since it's been a while since she's been there, it'll be nice for her to play with her cousin, Kashney. It's nice that it coincides with Valentine's weekend for Eric & I. Eric's got something planned for Saturday night, but he's not telling me anything... we'll see!

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