Feb. 11, 2010

February 11, 2010

I am sitting in Eric's recliner watching Bella dance to Phinneaus & Ferb's Cliptastic Countdown. She loves this show and knows all the words! It's too adorable!!
Today has been one word for me... Yuck! It's freezing cold, raining/sleeting all day, and just not a pretty day by any means. What sucks is that our friends in the DFW area are seeing tons (in Texas that relates to around 6 inches or so) of snow and saying how beautiful it is, while we we are sick and tired of rain. Not fair in the least!
Bella seems to be doing well so far with the medicine. Her teacher says she had a blowout once today after she woke up from her nap. So far so good!
Tonight after dinner I will be packing her a weekend bag to take to school tomorrow for Grandma. Bella is so excited to be spending the weekend with all of Eric's family! She keeps talking about going to Port Lavaca and seeing her Abuelitas. Soo cute! We have promised her for Valentine's Day, once she gets home, we will be taking her to Chuck E Cheese. She's been asking to go for a while, so what better time than Valentine's Day?! I also got her a few Tinkerbell toys and a mini box of chocolates for the holiday. Should be a great weekend ahead! Hope everyone has a great Friday! May all you wives out there get a beautiful bouquet of flowers at your work tomorrow! :)

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