Feb. 12, 2010

February 12, 2010

Let’s start with how horrible last night was in our house… last night I had a mini breakdown after Bella went to sleep. Eric & I haven’t been away from her for more than a day since we went on our cruise last March. After being away from her for a week, anything over 1 day seemed too much for us. This will be her 1st weekend away from us in almost a year. Realizing I wouldn’t get to give her a hug or kiss anytime this weekend caused me to start bawling in the middle of Gray’s Anatomy. Eric was so sweet and helped me calm down, which made everything better. After we got to bed, Bella ended up waking up and crying for around 2 hours straight. I don’t know if it was her tummy hurting, or just not being able to fall asleep, but all 3 of us ended up falling asleep around midnight.

Today, Bella has her Valentine’s party at school which we brought Valentine’s with suckers on them. Bella is so excited for her party, then getting to see her grandparents tonight, and her great grandparents and tons of family tomorrow! Tonight, we’re grabbing a bite to eat at a local Mexican restaurant, then coming home to watch the opening ceremonies. Eric & I LOVE the Olympics! Winter & Summer games we are glued to the tv.

I know I will not be blogging again before Valentine’s Day, so from the Munoz Family to yours…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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