Feb. 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

I wanted to update everyone on how Bella has been doing lately. First off, Bella’s constipation problem is no more! The medicine is working perfectly and you can tell she feels so much better. We will keep her on the medicine, because when we take her off of it, she goes right back to constipation and being in pain. I’d much rather her be on this medicine that doesn’t hurt her and be happy and healthy than the alternative.

She started a cough when she got back on Sunday, but it seems to be getting a lot better. She coughs a little when she goes to bed, but nothing serious and she feels fine. We think it’s just allergies.

She is learning her colors! She knows blue, white, green, and yellow when we went over them with her last night. Eric & I are purposely asking what color everything is that she either touches or wants. She’s about ½ way to knowing her basic colors. Dr. B said that was good and that usually they don’t know them all until around 4.

Overall, she is just a bundle of joy for us! She loves to sing in the car to her shows, dance in the living room with us, color, read, etc. She has such a fun & happy personality, she just lights a room when she walks in! We’re so proud of her and can’t wait to see what else she will learn. We love you Belles!

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