Feb. 18, 2010

February 18, 2010

Today is such a sad day in Austin. When I first heard about the plane crashing into a building in NW Austin, my 1st thought was of Eric who works near the building, and Bella whose daycare is somewhat close as well. I immediately called Eric and told him what happened. He said they noticed a lot of black smoke in the air and was wondering what had happened. I then called his mom and talked to her to let her know what happened. I found out that it wasn't going to endanger the area Bella was in and felt extremely relieved! For someone to think that the best idea to rid himself of his debt and depression is to crash his plane into a building can only be described as insane. I am thankful that most everyone in the building got out safely and one of the only people that man killed was himself! Austin will recover from this and be better because of it. God Bless Austin, TX!!

Onto a lighter and better subject. Today at work we celebrated the company's 75th anniversary. They had burgers, fries, and cake which we all thoroughly enjoyed! The weather was beautiful and it was nice to sit with my co-workers for lunch once.

This weekend is turning out to be jam packed. We made an appointment to take my car into get a tune up, and just in time because my check engine light came on today. We're taking it 1st thing Saturday morning, and luckily Volvo gives you a rental car while they work on yours. I doubt I'll get an SUV, but as long as Bella's car seat can fit, I will be fine. Afterwards, I have my hair appointment because my hair looks terrible and lifeless! I can't wait to get it fixed and pretty again!! We are taking Bella to Eric's parents for the night so we can celebrate his sister, Sandra & Mark buying their 1st home! We also are taking our 1st monthly trip to Costco. I am hoping our idea to save money will pan out this way. It's going to be a busy, yet fun weekend!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

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