Feb. 23, 2010 (Austin Snow Day)

February 23, 2010

Today we got our 1st and probably only snow storm this winter! Bella's school called Eric around 4 to ask if we can pick her up early, so all the teachers can get home before it gets dark and the snow turns to ice. I promptly left work and headed straight to her school. Once I picked her up, she was so excited to see snow for the 1st time! We got home, and I bundled her up and let her play in the snow in our front yard. She just loved it!! I had her keep coming back in the house to warm up for a few minutes, and each time she would get upset and ask to go back out. When Eric got home, they had just a few minutes to play together and let me take more pictures before the sun set and dinner was ready. She hated coming inside, but ate really well, and is exhausted! She's got her footie pj's on and is headed for sleepy time! Enjoy the pictures...

First time in the snow!

Making her 1st snowman

Our little snowman

Our house with a little snow left!

Can you tell she's having fun?!

Mommy & Bella playing in the snow

Daddy came to play!

They had a mini snowball fight!

Our happy family enjoying the snow!

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