Feb. 3, 2010

February 3, 2010

This week has been nice and quiet in the Muñoz household. Just the way I like it! Eric got off early yesterday because he’s working Saturday morning, so he graciously washed the sheets & towels, cleaned the living room, and cleaned out our garage. When I got home, he had bbq’d fajitas (in the yucky cold weather!) and we had a delicious dinner. I hate the best husband in the world!
Bella was in a good mood for most of the evening, except for going #2 in her undies and crying her eyes out because she thought she was in trouble. I never get upset at her for going potty in her pants. Especially when it comes to #2, because of all the problems she has. I just told her everyone has accidents and when she starts feeling like she needs to go, let me or Daddy know and we’ll help you learn to go potty. She was okay afterwards and got lots of hugs and kisses to show her everything was fine.
Another thing she is on a bath kick right now. She wants a bath every night, which A) is the norm in our house anyway & B) makes Mommy so happy to know I don’t have to drag her into the tub after dinner every night! She loves playing in the water, and lets me or Daddy wash her hair & body without even pitching a fit! Hallelujah!! Our night time routine seems to be getting easier & easier… knock on wood!!
Tonight, I plan on writing all the thank you notes for everyone that came to Bella’s party last Saturday. I am a firm believer in the greatness of thank you cards. I send them at Christmas to anyone who we didn’t expect to get a gift from (Eric’s mom has a friend that gets Bella something for EVERY holiday) or any party gift, etc. I think it’s delightful to get a card in the mail just saying thanks for thinking of me & my family. Plus, I try to get them out the following week so that people don’t get them months later and wonder what the thank you is for.
While I write the thank you’s, Eric is going to plug away at our tax return. With getting a new house and car last year, taxes are a little harder this year than normal. He’s been waiting for the daycare’s tax information to come in, and we got that, now waiting for Charles Schwab and we should be able to send it in next week! Can’t wait!
So that’s our exciting life as of right now! Nothing too big or special, which is just the way I like it!

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