Feb. 4, 2010

February 4, 2010

This coming weekend is supposedly the biggest football weekend for the entire year. To that I say, how is that possible if our beloved Cowboys or Longhorns aren’t even playing?!?!
We ended up deciding to have a get together at our house for the “big game”. Not extremely smart since we just had Bella’s party last weekend and the weekend before; and Momma is getting tired of hosting parties…
I do like the idea of people coming to our house so we don’t have to drive with all the crazy drunk guys on the road after the game ends, but I wish I didn’t have to do a thorough cleaning of my downstairs before everyone gets here. It’s okay though, it’ll be fun and we have a good amount of people coming to cheer the Saints onto their 1st Super Bowl victory! All Colts fans can stay home! (Just joking, we’ll make room for you too!)
We’ve decided to order pizza (like everyone else in America) from our absolute 2nd favorite pizza place in Austin, Saccone’s Pizzeria. If you’re wondering why we’re not ordering from our very favorite, it’s because Frank & Angie’s is all the way downtown off 6th Street, and I am SO not driving 30 minutes to pick up a few pies! Saccone’s has 3 main things going for them… 1) They are absolutely delicious!! 2) They serve New York style pizza, because really what other kind of pizza is there?! & 3) They are literally across the street from our house!
We will also have chips & queso (c’mon people it’s Texas, you can’t host a party and not serve queso!) and I think someone is bringing good ‘ol McDonalds chicken nuggets! (They always have a special on Super Bowl Sunday… 50 nuggets for $10! Can’t beat it!) So pretty much, food is covered! Drinks will be as well, for the most part.
Other than Super Bowl, our only big plans for the weekend is a girl’s morning Saturday. Bella & I will be venturing to the Domain to do a little spring clothes shopping and a little Mommy/Bella bonding. That girl loves to shop, and by shop I mean she likes to go outside with Mommy and walk around, but once we get into a store she is ready to go home! Unless Mommy gets her a cool new toy to play with allowing Mommy maybe 20 minutes to furiously look at all the cute spring clothes coming out. It’ll be fun, I’m just praying the weather is nice that day and not rainy, yucky, and cold like it is today.
Last thing for today, I am taking Bella to Dr. B for her 3 year check up today. I'll be talking to him about her digestion like I mentioned before, because now she has the exact opposite and is going constantly, but still not having a real #2. This morning she also started coughing like she was catching something, so luckily we'll be going today. Might be there for a while! I will update on what he says tomorrow morning asap.
I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun weekend filled with good food, great friends, and lots of football. Geaux Saints!!

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