Feb. 5, 2010

February 4, 2010

We went to see Dr. B yesterday for Bella's 3 year check up. He was very surprised at how far ahead she is with being able to count to 15 in English & 10 in Spanish, plus knowing her alphabet! He said she seems ahead of most kids her age, which made us feel very special! They even put her in a hospital gown so he could check her out easier. He did decide to refer us to a pediatric gastroenterologist to help with her constipation problems. We went over what she eats and her medicine, and he said that she definitely needs to see a specialist. It worries me, because she's never been to any doctor except for Dr. B, and going to a specialist makes her problem more real and more serious. His office is calling me tomorrow to suggest which doctor to take her to.
She was also weighed and is the 95th percentile!! Her height puts her in the 10th percentile! She's always been short and heavy, and I am okay with that! We finished by getting the H1N1 vaccine for her. She screamed for a second or so and was okay. I feel more comfortable knowing she is vaccinated against it, just in case!

That's the extent of our 3 year checkup! All in all a good outcome! I will keep you posted on the specialist and when we go to see them.

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