Feb. 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

This weekend was so much fun! Saturday morning Bella & I went shopping with Sonia & Sandra. Bella was such a good girl! She just played the whole time we shopped and never cried or fussed at all! I made sure we got there early so she could play in the little park they have at the Domain, which she really loved! After shopping, we all went for sushi. I made a quick stop and got Bella a burger and apple fries to eat while we had sushi. She did great and never complained the whole time! Once we headed home, she started falling asleep in the car, which I didn't want, so she managed to stay awake until we got home. Once she hit the bed, she was out for 3 hours! I haven't seen her take a 3 hour nap since she was a newborn! We decided to stay home that night, so I made spaghetti for dinner, and after Bella got her bath and went to bed, Eric & I watched a movie and just took it easy.

Sunday, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and we headed over to Grandma's. Bella stayed with them, since we were having people over that night. I don't ever let Bella be around anyone who is drinking, and since there would be around 12 people all drinking and cheering the whole game, we decided Grandma's house would be better for her that night! She was more than excited to go and once there she was very happy! Eric & I came back and got the house cleaned and got all the food ready for the game. Everyone came and brought more food so we had TONS of food! 2 large pizzas, chips with queso & salsa, tons of chicken nuggets & fries from McDonalds, I made homemade cookies, and more cookies were brought, and bbq'd sausage topped it off! My entire kitchen was full with food! (And when the game ended there was NOTHING left!) We had a lot of fun cheering the Saints onto an awesome Super Bowl victory!! Everyone had a great time and best of all... our house was empty and cleaned by 9:30 p.m.! I was sound asleep by 10! Overall, just a wonderful & fun weekend!
Today I am making an appointment for Bella to see the Pediatric GI specialist. I have heard it takes a while to get in, so we will see. Have a happy Monday!

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