Feb. 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

As some of you know, our daughter has had extreme constipation since she was born. Eric & I give her mostly all healthy food and food that her pediatrician recommended for help with the constipation. None of which has helped enough to keep her regular on a normal basis. We went in for her 3 year check up and everything went well except for that. Dr. Booker has referred us to a Pediatric Gastrointestinal Specialist for help. She is on laxatives daily, which now are causing the exact opposite problem, but without the medication, she goes right back to being in pain all day. We have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, he can help us in some way to keep her regular on a normal basis. I will post tomorrow once we get home to keep everyone updated. We ask for prayers in helping Bella get on a normal schedule and able to get potty trained. I hate to see Bella in so much pain constantly, and I know it breaks both Eric & my heart to watch her have the exact opposite reaction as well. Thank you and hopefully tomorrow’s post will be a happier one.

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