March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

Today went really well, and although I only worked 2 days this week, I am so glad it's Friday! My co-workers & I threw our manager a surprise baby shower and it went so well! She was really surprised and loved the food and gifts. Some of us went in and got her a Nap Nanny and she was so excited! She also got a gift card, a piggy bank, and some clothes and hair accessories. She just loved it! Last she got a beautiful pink chocolate cake with cute baby booties on top. So adorable & yummy!

The one thing that sucked today was the drive home. It took me literally an hour and a half to get home from work, when it's usually 45 minutes! Bella stayed at Grandma's because she wasn't feeling well, and I felt so bad getting there so late. Grandpa was really sweet about it and didn't mind at all. (They are both such great parents/grandparents!) Anyway, when I picked her up, she seemed a little sluggish, and he said she's been that way for a little bit. Probably due to her allergy medicine. Now we are sitting watching a new Phinneaus & Ferb I recorded today, and waiting for Daddy to come home with dinner. Seems we never get home on time to make anything anymore. I hate not cooking a meal every night, but lately Eric's getting off work really late and traffic is terrible! Hopefully this weekend we can cook more.

That's all in our little household today. We are planning on the rodeo, but guessing we will push it back to Sunday since Bella seems to still be sick. I have tons of errands to run as well, so we shall see what I actually get done. Have a great weekend, here in Texas it's going to be sunny and around 75 degrees!! LOVE it!

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