March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010

Today we took Bella to her 1st Rodeo. We didn't actually watch any rodeo, but we did go to the petting zoo, watch a puppet show, ride a pony, go on some great rides, and end with turkey legs for lunch. That's what I call a great day! Let me break it down a little...

So we woke up at 8 a.m. (time change was wonderful for sleeping in!). I made our Sunday tradition of cinnamon rolls and then we all got ready and headed to Eric's parents' house. We picked them up and went to the Austin Rodeo. Back when Eric & I were dating, we would go to the Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo every year. Usually with a bunch of friends, and usually at night. Things have obviously changed! Now it's called the Austin Rodeo, we go on Sunday morning when they 1st open, and we go as family. I must say, it was just as much if not more fun! We started at the kids area where we met Elsie (Yes, THE Elsie cow!!) and her new 11 week old son, Beau! Beau was sleeping, but Bella got to pet him anyway. From there we headed onto to the petting zoo. Eric took her in and she was immediately scared to death. She clung to Eric for dear life, so he took her back out within literally a minute of going in. I thought she might be done with the farm animals, but she decided she wanted to ride on the pony. This made her 2nd time to ride on the pony, (1st time was at the circus... see earlier post in January!) So I took her on the pony and she did GREAT! She wasn't scared at all and had so much fun!
Afterwards, we went and got some cheese quesadillas & watched a country puppet show. She was mesmerized by these puppets! We watched for about 30 minutes and she then decided it was time for the rides. That's when Mommy started getting nervous...
We went to the carnival area, and found out most of the rides you had to be at least 36" to ride. Bella is literally 36.5"! Lol, she was able to ride all the small rides! I was so surprised! The 1st was the merry go round. She loved it! Eric went with her and held her even though she didn't need it. She wanted to go again until she saw a ride that looks like spaceships going up and down. That she rode ALONE! I was so nervous I was shaking! She was fine, and another little girl named Cassie rode behind her in the same spaceship. Made both moms feel better! Afterwards, she went on a mini rollercoaster with Eric, then did some boating, and finished with motorcycles & last but not least, a train ride.
By the time we were done we were all hungry and she was exhausted! I got a turkey leg for us to share and Eric got some bbq. (Shocking here in TX I know!) Eric's parents and us all sat and had a nice lunch in the sunshine. We then headed back to their house for a nap, but Bella decided to sleep the whole way back and got her 2nd wind by the time we were at their house.
We ended up leaving and headed to the Round Rock Outlets to do some last minute shopping. We went to the Gap and bought too many clothes for all 3 of us!
Now it's 8 p.m. and Bella is fast asleep. I made dinner and we ended up grabbing some ice cream at DQ before bed. It was such a great weekend and wonderful weather...

I now have to log off because Eric is dying for me to watch this show on some guy named Reggie Miller... idk but feel the need to spend some quality time with my hubby. Have a wonderful Sunday night and a great week ahead! St. Patty's Day is Wednesday!! Woo-Hoo!

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