March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010

Please God, give me the grace to get through this....

I am going to be completely open and honest. (Not that I'm usually dishonest, just wanting to be open about everything.) The last few weeks, I have been beyond my limit of stress. Way beyond. When I was sick, I thought, "Once I get through this, everything will be fine and the stress will go away." Yeah, I was extremely WRONG about that. Bella ran a low grade fever last Friday, then threw up EVERYWHERE last night, and today just topped it off. 3 p.m. her school calls me and lets me know that since she woke up from her nap she complained of a bad headache. She was not running a fever, but they said she hadn't even gotten up from her nap mat yet and nap time was over 45 minutes ago! I rushed out of work, called Eric's mom & had her pick Bella up since she was close, and met them at her house.

It just seems that if it's not one thing, it's another. I keep questioning how much else our family can take right now. I know that sickness isn't something that can be helped before it happens, and that we are extremely lucky that I am not in the hospital (or worse) with meningitis, that Bella doesn't have something worse than headaches and vomiting, but just feel like I've been beaten down a few too many times lately.
I keep praying that the sickness & stress will end soon, and I know God has a plan for us. I will keep praying and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

Eric is staying home from work tomorrow (because I have no time off left) to take Bella to the doctors and make sure she is okay. I will keep everyone updated on Bella...
Update on Bella: Eric took her to the doctors this morning and he says it’s just bad allergies. Her lungs, ears, throat, & nose are all clear. Thank you God! Eric says she is happy and dancing around CVS Pharmacy! I finally feel the stress starting to melt off… Thank you for everyone who helped in praying and caring for us during this time. We really appreciate it!

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