March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010

Today would have been my parents' 41st anniversary. Dad has a candle lit on his fireplace since the minute he woke up this morning for her. We all miss you Mom!

This weekend was so much fun! We drove to my Dad's house Friday night. I wasn't feeling very well, so when we got there, we just relaxed and caught up with Dad & Mary.

Saturday, we ran some errands & came back to get ready for Audrey's Baby Shower. We left around 1 and headed to Roanoke. Once we got there, Eric & Zach left to go watch the March Madness games. Bella & I stayed and celebrated the upcoming birth of Baby Brady! Audrey looked adorable! She looks like she hasn't gained any weight except for the little basketball in her stomach. So cute!! We had so much fun and Audrey was so sweet. She let Bella help her open her gifts. Some Bella opened herself and then showed Audrey what she got! Haha! But Audrey was so kind and let her play and help open everything! Afterwards, we had some delicious cake and punch. Once the guys got back we got to catch up before heading back to my Dad's. Tanya met us at Dad's and we all had some yummy home cooked meal! We were all exhausted so we ended the night pretty early.

Today we had breakfast with Dad and then got ready and headed back to Austin. It snowed overnight at Dad's house, so before breakfast, we let Bella play in the snow out back. She just loved it! I can't believe the 1st day of Spring and we get snow!! Never happens in Texas! Once we got back to Austin, we did a little shopping and just relaxed and cleaned the house. Now I'm about to make shrimp scampi for dinner and have a nice family night. Hoping this week goes better than the last 2! Happy Sunday!

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