March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010

My stomach is in knots, and I'm trying to keep a happy face for Bella, but inside I am scared. I know it's only cavities and like I said before, I'm not worried about the procedure, I am worried about the anesthesia. When Eric called his dental insurance, he gave them the codes we got and she said that is nitrous oxide. Eric & I decided before she gets anything, we will question everything she is getting and why.

Like I said, I know she's not undergoing a huge surgery tomorrow morning, but she is still getting "put under". I have been praying and praying for her to make it out safely, and if you would like to join me, we would really appreciate it! Will post after she is out and we are home safely tomorrow...

For now though, I thought I would post pictures of Bella from this afternoon. I ordered her a tin from Whimsy Tin in February and it came in today!! Bella was so excited to open her "surprise" and just look at her face when she saw it! The great thing is she can use it for many years to come! I just love it!! (About the pictures, they came out a little dark, it was beautifully bright outside!)

Bella opening the box it came in.

Look at her face! She was surprised and excited!

Twirling it around to see the bunnies!

Looking at her name on the tin!

She really liked it!

Bella's new Easter Tin!

Hello!! How cute is this?!

She's going to get tons of Easter Eggs with this!

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