March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010

For 3 hours, my husband has been trying to switch out our kitchen faucet. When we moved in here, I said that was going to be the very 1st thing we change... 7 months later, we are finally changing it! This morning, we headed to Lowe's and found a perfect faucet for our kitchen. Now 3 hours later, Eric is still under the sink trying to get the horrible old faucet off! Wow, what a Sunday...

Last thing for this weekend, Bella is now officially in her last car seat we will ever have to buy! She has grown out of her car seat we've had since she was 1, so we went today and got her a new one. It's a high back booster seat. It's from Evenflo and has places to put her drinks & lights near the headrest for her to read at night. We went on a car ride once we got it in, and she seems to really like it. You can tell she is much more comfortable than in her last seat. The great thing about it is when she gets older and too big for the car seat, you can take the back off and just have the booster.

Faucet Update: Eric finished at 8 p.m. and it looks perfect! We are so proud of him! And seriously, my kitchen looks so much better, I'm happy!!

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