March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

This week is turning out to be pretty busy for Bella at school. Today “The Zoo Man” is there for all the kids to look, touch, & learn about different animals. I made sure to sign her up, because Bella loves animals! I can promise you she won’t touch one of them though. We’ve tried taking her into numerous petting zoo’s and she is scared every time. That’s fine with me though, because even though I am an animal lover, those animals are kinda dirty! Ha!

Tomorrow, Bella has her 2nd swim lesson. She is so happy she is in swim class. We had to hide her swimsuit and towel so she wouldn’t ask to wear them constantly after school! She’s turning into my little sports girl! (Just the way Daddy wants it! Ha!)

Thursday, Bella’s school is having a Easter Egg Hunt! They made homemade Easter baskets yesterday for it, and will have the egg hunt during their usual morning play time. I’m excited and a little worried about this one. Bella is one of the smaller/younger kids in her class, so hopefully she’ll be quick enough to get some eggs!

Friday, Bella’s school is having an Easter party. I’ll be bringing Easter cookies for them to enjoy & Bella can’t wait for another party. It seems like almost a weekly event now for them with all the birthdays & holidays!

Bella’s school is just amazing & I can tell you that Bella just loves going there. Whenever we drive past it on the weekends, she points at it and asks when she gets to go again! I couldn’t be happier with where we decided to take her.

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