March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

At least I think it's the 7th... I have been extremely sick all weekend. I have pretty much only left the house to do a quick stop at the Coach Store to get a new purse and wallet, Gattiland for lunch yesterday to get Bella out of the house & have a little fun, and to the hospital this morning.

Let me backtrack to Friday. By 2 p.m., I was feeling so sick and my head was pounding. I ended up going home and just falling asleep on the couch, until Eric's parents brought Bella & Eric came home. They watched her for dinner so that I could get a few more hours of sleep in before Bella came home. It felt like being kicked in the head numerous times, but for no reason. Saturday I woke up hoping to feel much better, and did a little. That made me so happy, and Eric, Bella, & I ran some errands. By the time we finished at Gattiland, I was so sick and exhausted, I came home and passed out. Thank goodness Eric was able to take care of Bella for the rest of the night. This morning, Bella came in around 5 a.m. to sleep with us, and I realized I felt even worse. I tried taking a shower, and honestly, couldn't hold myself up. That's when Eric called his parents to come get Bella, and took me to the ER. I got in right away, (LOVE the hospital by our house!) and the doctor said I need a CAT scan asap. He said if it came back showing nothing, then the next step was a spinal tap!!!! OMG I was so scared! So, I got hooked up to an iv, and brought in for the CAT Scan. After around 1 hour or so, he came back in saying the good news is that I only have an acute case of sinusitis. The bad thing, it's some of the worst the CAT Scan guy & the doctor has seen. Great...
So now it's Sunday night, I haven't been allowed (by my lovely hubby) to get off the couch since we got home, and am on a whole host of meds. I am not allowed to go back to work until at least Wednesday, and if my head doesn't start feeling better by Wednesday morning, I get to look forward to a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. Gosh I am tired...
Goodnight, and I will probably not post again until Thursday or so. I honestly think I will be just fine, just extremely bored!!

Monday update: I didn't plan on logging in, but since the tv & computer rules my life right now, I thought why not?! Well, the saying is true, you get worse before you get better. I am now coughing and sneezing stuff up that is not a normal color (sorry for being gross), and called the on call nurse and she said it's my body fighting. I am thinking after talking to her and to others, that I am actually a lot sicker than I thought, and not only am I trying not to get meningitis, but also trying not to get pneumonia. Eric took me with him tonight to get fast food and rent a movie, and said that's as much as I get to do. He thinks (and so does the nurse) that going back to work before Thursday is not an option. So, I will be home, on my couch, hating doing nothing, and not seeing my baby girl for a few more days. I did call and speak to her after she got out of school today, and she sounded just splendid and very happy to talk to me. I miss her terribly. So, that's my update for now... time for bed again for the 4th time today... :(

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