April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

For the 1st time in quite a while, Bella slept in our bed all night last night. She was completely exhausted last night from all the Easter hoopla, so she ended up asleep by 7:30p.m. By 9:30, she woke up crying loudly and asking for us. I went up to see what was wrong, and she had tears streaming down her eyes and was shaking. She looked so scared, so I held her and asked what happened and found out she had a bad dream. I laid there with her for a few minutes singing to her, which usually helps, but she still was crying so I decided a night with Mommy & Daddy couldn’t hurt. We all went to sleep a little after 10, and slept soundly all night! Even Mommy who usually gets a foot or elbow in her back all night had a good sleep! Praise God!

This morning, Bella definitely did not want to go to daycare. Once we got there, she was clingy, but we made it over the hump, except for another girl wearing these sparkly Skecher shoes Bella keeps seeing on tv and asking me if I will get them for her. Now the hunt is on for Skecher Twinkle Toe shoes! They are precious if you don’t count the flashing lights and skull & bones all over them! Ha! I actually love her wearing something a little different than flowers & hearts all the time. I hope it lets her be herself and show her personality a little more. We shall see!

Tonight we get to go grocery shopping… woo-hoo… (note the sarcasm!) HEB was closed for Easter all day (how come they open Christmas morning, but not on Easter?!) so we have to do our weekly shopping tonight with all the other crazy parents who forgot grocery store employees like to celebrate the Risen Christ with their families too!

Happy Monday, hope this week goes by quickly!

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