April 30, 2010

Please watch the video below and sign the No Phone Zone! Help save someone's life! The life you save could be yours, your spouses, or most importantly... YOUR CHILD'S!!

Okay, let me step off my soap box real quick! Ha! So we found out today that Eric got a promotion! Woo-Hoo!!! He is going to be 5 minutes from home now and we can't wait! We always said we would never buy a house because of the proximity to Eric's work. The reason for it is because they transfer their managers so often around the city. Luckily, Austin is a smaller city, so it's only a 30 minute drive when he worked down South. We are super excited to know he'll be home at a decent time now though! Congrats LOVE!

Since Bella is feeling better, we decided to keep all of our weekend plans. Tomorrow morning, I am meeting the girls at Avante Spa for a girl's pedicure day. We're going to be there for quite a while, but apparently should be nice and happy with some wine & good conversation. Afterwards, we're headed to Chuy's to meet the hubby's for dinner. Should be a wonderful, relaxing day!

Sunday, we're picking Bella up from Grandma's in time for church. After church, we are heading to downtown Austin for the Pecan Street Festival. It's a family fun kind of festival with tons of music, food, arts, & crafts. As long as the weather is good, than we will be having some family fun and loving our Sunday!

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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