Memorial Day Photos!

May 31, 2010

This past weekend has been non stop fun & adventure! Friday night was my girl's night. We went to see Sex & the City 2. Afterwards, we all headed home since it was getting late.

Saturday, Eric, Bella, & I went to the waterpark. I forgot my camera at home that time. It was so much fun & Bella did great! She kept showing us how she can go underwater without holding her nose. She was great. Afterwards, we all came home, showered, and took naps. We decided to head out to Taylor, TX. We've never been. We drove around and decided it be best to eat dinner at the Salt Lick, which we already knew was yummy. It was a great night & I was asleep by 8:30 p.m.!

Sunday, we went to church & then to 3 different parks with Bella, trying to find one that wasn't burning hot. (It was a balmy 97 degrees outside with NO wind!!) We ended up going to dinner with Eric's parents who had just gotten back into town. We had some delicious Mexican food & then went on a nature trail hike by their house. Bella loved it!! We came home and she was passed out from pure exhaustion!

Today, we decided to do a little vacation shopping at the Domain. Bella was such a sweetheart, so we ended up going back to the waterpark. She did great until we decided to head home when she started throwing the biggest fit I have ever seen! She was screaming so loud, people were looking at us wondering if we were kidnapping her!! We decided that maybe a night at Grandma's would do the trick, so Bella is over there now while Eric & I have a quiet evening in. I did bring my camera to the waterpark today and posted the pictures below. Enjoy!!

Bella @ the Salt Lick

After swimming for a bit!

Her favorite slide!

She just loves to swim!

Daddy & Bella

My little water baby!

Adorable even soaking wet!!

She decided to slide down backwards!

I think she had enough water for one day!

Ahhh Friday, How I've Missed You...

May 28, 2010

Friday could not get here fast enough for me this week. I am ready to meet my girls at the Draft House tonight to watch Sex & the City 2! It's going to be a mini-girl's night out, since Eric is home with Bella, I'll be heading home afterwards. I am just looking forward to watching one of my favorite shows with my favorite girls while eating some yummy food & drinking a glass of wine. Hello to starting my 3 day weekend off right! Ha!

Tomorrow, we are heading to the waterpark and then to Taylor for bbq'd dinner. Bella cannot be more excited to go to the waterpark. We got her "report card" from her swim class yesterday and they praised her for being so brave and not being scared of the water at all. In fact, she got A's for completing everything her level was supposed to learn! I think we might have a swimmer on our hands! :)

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend! I will be sure and post pictures asap Sunday or Monday!

C'Mon Friday!!

May 26, 2010

This past month has been extremely stressful at work. We are very short staffed right now, which seems to cause a lot of tension in our office. We're all pretty much still getting a long, but it seems like I am exhausted and wanting a glass of wine by 6 p.m. every night. (I don't get to have wine on a daily basis, but it's a wish!) Tonight I have decided to watch the finale of American Idol even though I haven't watched the entire season. Ha!

Tomorrow is a big day in our family... Bella's 1st water splash day at school!! Woo-Hoo!! That means that Bella has not had 1 accident in class for the past 2 weeks! I am so unbelievable proud!! I think I can safely say that Bella is officially POTTY TRAINED!!!! Thank you God! A wish is granted, a prayer heard. And for that I am utterly grateful!

Now onto AI... did I just see Orianthi & Alice Cooper?! I might actually end up loving this show tonight!! Have a great evening!

Over a Week Without Pull Ups!

May 25, 2010

That's right people, Bella is pull up free for over a week now! (Minus bed time only at night!) No real accidents and doing flawlessly! I am super excited!!

We are looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend. We're staying home and having a full 3 day family weekend. Saturday, we are taking Bella to the Rockin R Waterpark in Old Settler's. It's a small family style waterpark where Bella can play and not worry. She is super excited & so are we. Saturday night we decided to head out to Taylor, TX to try some Mueller famous bbq. It'll be nice to check out a new town & try something new.
Sunday we have church in the morning, grocery shopping, and then major overhaul to clean our house. I have been kind of lazy lately and just doing little by little everyday with cleaning. I am so ready to just spend a few hours doing some serious cleaning on our house.
Overall, a great weekend to come... now if I could just get to Friday!

Potty Training Update #2

May 24, 2010

So far so great! Bella has gone for over a week without accidents (minus the one in the car because we had no where to pull over) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

I found out that Bella's school is doing the Aqua Tots swim lessons again starting next week. The bad thing, it's only 4 weeks this time. The good thing... it's twice a week now! So Bella gets to play in water 4x a week!! She's just going to love her Summer! (Season, not Mommy!)

Also, we found out that they are promoting Bella to the big 3's class! She's moving with some of her friends in class now, so she won't be in total shock. We will miss Ms. Rena & Ms. Veronica who we both love, but I am so proud of her because she is so smart, she moves up early every time! That's my girl!!

Tonight is an easy peasy kind of night. Bella is playing with her Leapster 2, Eric's on his laptop, & I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and surfing the net on my Mac. Nice quiet non eventful evening... just perfect!!

Sunday Pictures

May 23, 2010

This afternoon we decied to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go to Old Settler's Park. Bella loved it and had so much fun! She even made a friend! Here are pictures from the day. I warn everyone, there are a lot of pictures! (Also, she was in undies the whole time!) Enjoy!

Bella when we 1st got to the park
Daddy pushing Bella on the swing

Going to the dock at the pond

Watching the ducks in the pond

She loves water so much!

My beautiful big girl!

Mommy's turn to push Bella on the swing

Bella loves to swing!

Can you tell?!

Mommy & Bella

She is climbing in the big kids playground!

Back home playing bubbles with Daddy!

An absolutely wonderful Sunday!!

Potty Training Update

Let me start by saying Bella is doing extremely well with potty training! Knock on wood, no accidents and pull ups only at bedtime! Woo-Hoo! So yesterday morning, we all went to Party City to start Bella's treasure box. We had decided to get candy for when she goes #1 & small toys for going #2. Well, she went 4 times while we were out and twice when we got her to Grandma's! She's making herself go all the time so she can have candy. So, we decided to put more healthy snacks in there for going potty! She got gummies and today we're going grocery shopping and going to find other things like crackers to put in her treasure box. I love that she is doing so well with potty training, but I don't want her loosing teeth over it! Haha.

Will keep updating throughout the week. Stay tuned!

Potty Training Cold Turkey

May 20, 2010

This morning, Eric's mom went to take Bella to daycare in time for her splash day only to find out that Bella's not allowed to participate in splash day because she is not fully potty trained. The rules are no accidents for 2 weeks and then they get to have splash day. You don't realize how much this upset me & Eric, because swimming and playing in water is Bella's ultimate favorite thing to do. We've been sending her in a swim suit every Thursday for the last 4 weeks and no one told us she wasn't allowed to participate. I was furious & so was Eric. Eric ended up calling the daycare and questioning why we were not notified of this. They apologized profusely and said they would talk to Bella's teacher. They then called back and apologized even more. We are better now knowing not to hype Bella up Thursday mornings about splash day until they tell us she can participate.

So now it's potty training cold turkey. As of tonight, Bella is only wearing pull ups to bed. I went to good old Target at lunch and bought some shorts to keep in the car for when we are out in public. I am praying they do not get used much! We're also starting a treasure box so when she does go potty, she can get a candy out and when she goes poo poo in the potty, she can get a toy. We are praying this works. We know wCheck Spellinge're a little late at this whole potty training thing since Bella is almost 3 1/2, but with Bella's medical problems, we had no choice. She is now regular and should do quite well... at least we hope!!

Updates to follow!

So This is Relaxation

May 19, 2010

Tonight Bella is staying with Grandma & Grandpa. They picked her up from school, took her out to dinner, & did a little shopping before heading home. That means Mommy & Daddy have a free night! And what do we do with this free night?... We bbq fajitas & relax with a little wine in front of our favorite shows! High living people!! Ha!

Virtual Meltdown

May 18, 2010

Last night was crazy to say the least. When we got home, I had to give Bella her ear drops. She was scared to death! I calmed her down and dropped them in slowly to show her it didn't hurt. It's only for her right ear, so I had her lay on her side with her ear up for a few minutes after I did the drops to make sure they stayed in and did their job. Bella was fine and laid there watching her show. I heated up left overs from Sunday night and Eric got home from work right when I was finishing. Bella always sits at her little table and watches her shows during dinner since she's not very fond of Wheel of Fortune right now. No biggie, so I got her table and tv show set up and turned our tv to our show. Bella just started bawling and threw herself on the floor because I turned off the credits of the show she was watching on the big tv! Eric & I both tried calming her down and she got worse. So we decided time out would be best. We put her in a chair facing the wall right in front of us, and then she started hyperventilating!! I'm not joking, she had a meltdown screaming that she was scared to sit in the chair! Now Eric & I both agree that spanking a 3 year old is a huge no-no, so we tried everything to get her to sit in time out until she calmed down. Didn't work... So, I finally just got her and held her in my lap cuddling her and showing her she was okay and not to be so scared. She finally calmed down, ate her dinner, and watched a show.

After the huge meltdown, she was great! Ha! We danced and sang in the living room until her bedtime. Let's hope tonight goes a little more smoothly!!

Thank Goodness It's... Monday?!

May 17, 2010

Yesterday ended up not being the best day in our house. We drove back from my Dad’s and Bella said she couldn’t sleep in the car. We figured she would fall asleep once we got home, but that also ended up not happening, so we went grocery shopping. By the time we got home, unpacked, and cleaned, it was 4 p.m. Bella was extremely upset and fussy from not having a nap, so Eric asked her to sit with him and within minutes she was asleep! I was okay with her sleeping so late since she was so exhausted!

I decided to let them both take a nap and made dinner. I felt fine making the dinner, but once it was ready and I got to sit down for a minute, I got a terrible migraine. I was nauseous along with the terrible pain. I let Eric & Bella eat dinner and I ended up falling asleep myself! By the time I woke up, Eric had fed & bathed Bella for me, and she was in a great mood watching her shows. I was still feeling weak and exhausted, so I just relaxed, spent some time with Eric & Bella, and after she went to bed, caught up on my shows. I can’t believe how Brothers & Sisters ended!! I was so upset! Ha!

Today I am feeling much better. Bella has been complaining of an ear ache since Saturday, so Grandma (bless her!) was able to take her to Dr. B’s to get it looked at this morning. Turns out she just has swimmer’s ear and not an ear infection! Thank goodness! So now we are starting ear drops tonight to help.

I am hoping this week flies by so we can celebrate Sonia’s birthday with her Saturday night. Grandma & Grandpa will be out of town soon, so they are super excited to watch her that night for us! We are so blessed to have such great parents!! Eric's live here and help us so much, mine live back in Dallas and just love spending time with Bella. We are truly blessed!

Here is a video of Bella coming down the slide for the 1st time! She was so excited!!

Tons of Weekend Pictures

May 16, 2010

This weekend we went home and had such a great time! We got to visit Audrey, Zach, & new baby Brady at the hospital before they got discharged. Can I just say, he is unbelievably adorable!! I fell in love with his little face when I held him (I pretty much held him the entire hour or so we were there!) Just precious!!

Saturday evening, we went to the ballpark for my Dad's work picnic. The weather held up perfectly & the sun actually came out on our way to the park! The cousins all got to play together to watch some baseball. Afterwards, we watched fireworks before heading home. Bella was up so late all weekend, but she had too much fun to make her leave and head to bed.

Here are TONS of pictures from this weekend! Enjoy!

On our way to Papa's house!

Playing ball in Papa's front yard.

Bella & Papa playing ball

She got upset that I kept taking pictures of her the whole time!

Austyn in the balloon house

Bella & Rylie playing in the bounce house

Thank goodness Austyn is such a sweetheart! He helped Bella climb the stairs every time! Love my nephew!!

Austyn coming down the slide

All the cousins playing!

Bella at the baseball game!

Kisses for Aunt Tanya!

Eating cotton candy!

Papa, Rylie, & Bella watching the game

I just LOVE this picture of us because Bella took it!

Bella showing her spiderman painting!

Sunday afternoon when we got home! So adorable!!

Hoping for Sun!

May 14, 2010

Gosh what a week. It’s been such a rough week for me, and I am so thankful Friday is finally here. Of course it’s raining and threat of tornadoes, but it’s still Friday.

Last night we had a fun night with Bella, just singing and dancing in the living room. Once she fell asleep, I got to watch Grey’s and CSI. Overall a pretty nice and quiet night! I also had to pack practically half of everything we own to be ready to go home this weekend. I swear we have 5 suitcases for 3 people! (2 of them being just hair products, sunblock, necessities, etc) I always over pack for anything. Just wait until we leave next month for New Mexico! We’ll have the car full of suitcases to hold us for 7 days! Ha!

I am praying the rain and thunderstorms miss the DFW area this weekend so we can watch Austyn play baseball & go watch a minor league game with fireworks at the end. Also, our good friends, Zach & Audrey, had a baby boy yesterday (CONGRATS!!) so we are going to see them and meet Brady tomorrow morning! I am super excited!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Ready for the Weekend

May 12, 2010

I started packing last night, and tonight I need to get Bella's bags ready for the weekend. We're going to my Dad's house on Friday night to see my family. Bella is super excited to go & talked to her Papa Sunday on the phone to let him know. Saturday as long as the weather is okay, we're going to watch my nephew play baseball. He seems to really love it, & this will be our 1st time to see him play. Afterwards, we're heading to my Dad's work picnic. It will be his last since he is retiring in July, so our whole family is planning on going to celebrate. I am really looking forward to a quiet weekend with my family.

Eric & I are planning on doing the 3 day potty training on Bella over Memorial Weekend! I keep hearing about parents who do this and it works, so we figured a 3 day weekend is perfect for it! Bella rarely has any "accidents" except for going poo poo. Hopefully, by June the diapers will be gone! Pray for us over the long weekend!!

Happy Mother's Day!

May 9, 2010

Yesterday was so much fun! We got to watch a beautiful couple, Aaron & Kristina get married. Their wedding was perfect & reception was beautiful and fun! We also got to catch up with old friends, which made it more special. Such a wonderful night!

Today, Eric & I woke up at 7:15 a.m. to get ready & get Bella. We picked her up a little before 8 a.m. and went to Magnolia's for a wonderful breakfast. Bella was an angel throughout the breakfast & was so excited to go to church! We made it in time for the 9:30 a.m. service. The service was perfect and they had a slide show of Moms in the church. They had a picture of Bella & I in it as well!

After church we went home to let Bella take a nap & then headed out to lunch and to the outlets to get Eric some work clothes. Bella wanted to ride all the rides at the mall, so she had a blast the whole time!

For dinner, we met with Eric's family at Logan's Roadhouse. We had a wonderful dinner and then came back to our house to watch the slideshow we gave Eric's mom for Mother's Day. She really liked it & they gave me a slide show with video of Bella playing in the ocean yesterday! I loved it!!

Overall, such a great Mother's Day! Thank you to my husband & daughter for making it so special!

My Wonderful Husband

May 6, 2010

On Monday, I had such a bad day at work. I just visably upset, & Eric knew it. He decided to cheer me up by bringing Bella & I a rose each home! I rarely get flowers so it was really special to me! Here are some pictures once we got our flowers. Enjoy...

Daddy & Bella with her new rose!
Mommy & Bella showing off our roses

Bella decided instead of putting her rose in water, she'd rather play with it all night! Ha!

Weekend Away!

For the last few days, Bella has been acting very different from her normal cheery self. When I pick her up from school, she is super happy & excited, sometimes if she’s having too much fun, we’ll stay for a few and let her play more. We get into the car, pop some Barney into the dvd player and go on our merry way. Then we get home, have a snack & juice, and watch one of her shows on the big tv. This is where she seems to change. She gets very clingy & fussy about nothing. It gets worse once Daddy walks through the door. Now that Eric is getting home a little earlier, I am trying to get dinner done and ready by 6:15, which is extremely hard with a 3 year old calling “Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!!” every 5 seconds! Then when Daddy’s home, she just start crying erratically for no reason at all. She can’t even tell us why she is crying.

Eric’s mom was going to watch her all day Saturday & Saturday night because we are going to Aaron & Tin’s wedding. Well, Mom called me yesterday and asked me if it was okay if they pick Bella up before her nap at school Friday and take her to South Texas for the weekend to see her great grandparents. I thought, “Wow God does work in mysterious ways!” and promptly said “YES!!” I honestly could handle a short break & I think Bella could too! Well, now Eric is off tomorrow, so he is going to have Bella in the morning & then take her to his parents around lunch time. We have Friday & Saturday night to be 20-something’s again! Ha! Trust me, I will be calling often to check in on her, and missing her terribly, but I think it’s a good thing.

Friday night, Eric & I are having date night. I am surprising him with where we are going, and since he sometimes reads our blog, I will post about it later. Saturday I am getting my hair done early morning, then heading to the wedding! We plan on spending most of the day there and catching up with our old friends from college. We’re picking her up at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning for Mother’s Day & heading to breakfast at Magnolia Café. Then heading to church, where they are having a salute to mom’s by showing a slide show of all the church mom’s and daughters. We’ll be finishing the day off with dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse with Eric’s family. I will be stopping by our local Catholic Church as well to light a candle for my mom. It should be such a great weekend!!

Post it Note Tuesday

May 4, 2010

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