Ahhh Friday, How I've Missed You...

May 28, 2010

Friday could not get here fast enough for me this week. I am ready to meet my girls at the Draft House tonight to watch Sex & the City 2! It's going to be a mini-girl's night out, since Eric is home with Bella, I'll be heading home afterwards. I am just looking forward to watching one of my favorite shows with my favorite girls while eating some yummy food & drinking a glass of wine. Hello to starting my 3 day weekend off right! Ha!

Tomorrow, we are heading to the waterpark and then to Taylor for bbq'd dinner. Bella cannot be more excited to go to the waterpark. We got her "report card" from her swim class yesterday and they praised her for being so brave and not being scared of the water at all. In fact, she got A's for completing everything her level was supposed to learn! I think we might have a swimmer on our hands! :)

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend! I will be sure and post pictures asap Sunday or Monday!

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