Hoping for Sun!

May 14, 2010

Gosh what a week. It’s been such a rough week for me, and I am so thankful Friday is finally here. Of course it’s raining and threat of tornadoes, but it’s still Friday.

Last night we had a fun night with Bella, just singing and dancing in the living room. Once she fell asleep, I got to watch Grey’s and CSI. Overall a pretty nice and quiet night! I also had to pack practically half of everything we own to be ready to go home this weekend. I swear we have 5 suitcases for 3 people! (2 of them being just hair products, sunblock, necessities, etc) I always over pack for anything. Just wait until we leave next month for New Mexico! We’ll have the car full of suitcases to hold us for 7 days! Ha!

I am praying the rain and thunderstorms miss the DFW area this weekend so we can watch Austyn play baseball & go watch a minor league game with fireworks at the end. Also, our good friends, Zach & Audrey, had a baby boy yesterday (CONGRATS!!) so we are going to see them and meet Brady tomorrow morning! I am super excited!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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