Memorial Day Photos!

May 31, 2010

This past weekend has been non stop fun & adventure! Friday night was my girl's night. We went to see Sex & the City 2. Afterwards, we all headed home since it was getting late.

Saturday, Eric, Bella, & I went to the waterpark. I forgot my camera at home that time. It was so much fun & Bella did great! She kept showing us how she can go underwater without holding her nose. She was great. Afterwards, we all came home, showered, and took naps. We decided to head out to Taylor, TX. We've never been. We drove around and decided it be best to eat dinner at the Salt Lick, which we already knew was yummy. It was a great night & I was asleep by 8:30 p.m.!

Sunday, we went to church & then to 3 different parks with Bella, trying to find one that wasn't burning hot. (It was a balmy 97 degrees outside with NO wind!!) We ended up going to dinner with Eric's parents who had just gotten back into town. We had some delicious Mexican food & then went on a nature trail hike by their house. Bella loved it!! We came home and she was passed out from pure exhaustion!

Today, we decided to do a little vacation shopping at the Domain. Bella was such a sweetheart, so we ended up going back to the waterpark. She did great until we decided to head home when she started throwing the biggest fit I have ever seen! She was screaming so loud, people were looking at us wondering if we were kidnapping her!! We decided that maybe a night at Grandma's would do the trick, so Bella is over there now while Eric & I have a quiet evening in. I did bring my camera to the waterpark today and posted the pictures below. Enjoy!!

Bella @ the Salt Lick

After swimming for a bit!

Her favorite slide!

She just loves to swim!

Daddy & Bella

My little water baby!

Adorable even soaking wet!!

She decided to slide down backwards!

I think she had enough water for one day!

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