My Wonderful Husband

May 6, 2010

On Monday, I had such a bad day at work. I just visably upset, & Eric knew it. He decided to cheer me up by bringing Bella & I a rose each home! I rarely get flowers so it was really special to me! Here are some pictures once we got our flowers. Enjoy...

Daddy & Bella with her new rose!
Mommy & Bella showing off our roses

Bella decided instead of putting her rose in water, she'd rather play with it all night! Ha!

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  1. That was really sweet of Eric! To answer your question, I still work at Baylor Irving. I can't believe Bella has a dress with that flowery pattern... so does Kynli!!! It's a halter dress that she will be able to fit into in a few months. I LOVE it, and the pattern is so adorable... that's why I had my friend make a blanket out of it! = )


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