Potty Training Cold Turkey

May 20, 2010

This morning, Eric's mom went to take Bella to daycare in time for her splash day only to find out that Bella's not allowed to participate in splash day because she is not fully potty trained. The rules are no accidents for 2 weeks and then they get to have splash day. You don't realize how much this upset me & Eric, because swimming and playing in water is Bella's ultimate favorite thing to do. We've been sending her in a swim suit every Thursday for the last 4 weeks and no one told us she wasn't allowed to participate. I was furious & so was Eric. Eric ended up calling the daycare and questioning why we were not notified of this. They apologized profusely and said they would talk to Bella's teacher. They then called back and apologized even more. We are better now knowing not to hype Bella up Thursday mornings about splash day until they tell us she can participate.

So now it's potty training cold turkey. As of tonight, Bella is only wearing pull ups to bed. I went to good old Target at lunch and bought some shorts to keep in the car for when we are out in public. I am praying they do not get used much! We're also starting a treasure box so when she does go potty, she can get a candy out and when she goes poo poo in the potty, she can get a toy. We are praying this works. We know wCheck Spellinge're a little late at this whole potty training thing since Bella is almost 3 1/2, but with Bella's medical problems, we had no choice. She is now regular and should do quite well... at least we hope!!

Updates to follow!

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