Potty Training Update #2

May 24, 2010

So far so great! Bella has gone for over a week without accidents (minus the one in the car because we had no where to pull over) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

I found out that Bella's school is doing the Aqua Tots swim lessons again starting next week. The bad thing, it's only 4 weeks this time. The good thing... it's twice a week now! So Bella gets to play in water 4x a week!! She's just going to love her Summer! (Season, not Mommy!)

Also, we found out that they are promoting Bella to the big 3's class! She's moving with some of her friends in class now, so she won't be in total shock. We will miss Ms. Rena & Ms. Veronica who we both love, but I am so proud of her because she is so smart, she moves up early every time! That's my girl!!

Tonight is an easy peasy kind of night. Bella is playing with her Leapster 2, Eric's on his laptop, & I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and surfing the net on my Mac. Nice quiet non eventful evening... just perfect!!

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