Ready for the Weekend

May 12, 2010

I started packing last night, and tonight I need to get Bella's bags ready for the weekend. We're going to my Dad's house on Friday night to see my family. Bella is super excited to go & talked to her Papa Sunday on the phone to let him know. Saturday as long as the weather is okay, we're going to watch my nephew play baseball. He seems to really love it, & this will be our 1st time to see him play. Afterwards, we're heading to my Dad's work picnic. It will be his last since he is retiring in July, so our whole family is planning on going to celebrate. I am really looking forward to a quiet weekend with my family.

Eric & I are planning on doing the 3 day potty training on Bella over Memorial Weekend! I keep hearing about parents who do this and it works, so we figured a 3 day weekend is perfect for it! Bella rarely has any "accidents" except for going poo poo. Hopefully, by June the diapers will be gone! Pray for us over the long weekend!!

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